All About Rollology

What is Rollology?

Rollology is a system of exercise using a foam roller.  It develops strength and balance while creating more space in the body by unwinding connective tissue and breaking up lymphatic congestion. This cutting edge discipline combines Pilates, Yoga and isometric exercise to lengthen and strengthen all the muscles in the body with a strong emphasis on the core.

What can Rollology do for me?

Todays’s society is alarmingly sedentary. With the constant rise of technology,  more and more people are developing chronic back pain, “tech” neck, carpal tunnel and many other muscular-skeletal issues due to the daily use of computers, smartphones, tablets and even driving. Over time, these activities cause the body to become misaligned. Being hunched over not only causes problems for the muscular-skeletal system, but all the systems of the body from the circulatory system to the digestive system. Practicing Rollology regularly develops a strong core creating a solid foundation to support spinal alignment and optimal posture. Optimal posture supports optimal health.

Can anyone do Rollology?

Rollology is for all ages and all body types. Women love it, because it creates a long lean, curvy physique and helps to reduce cellulite. Men love it, because it creates more flexibility and mobility while sculpting the abs. It’s safe. It’s fun and you will not only feel incredible after just one class, but you will see postural improvement!  It’s always recommended that you consult your doctor or other health care practitioner before beginning a new exercise program.

Where can I learn Rollology?

Rollology classes are taught by Licensed Rollologists. Uma Seaman at Massage-Ology teaches private and semi-private classes. 

Uma Seaman
Uma Seaman

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